mercredi 12 octobre 2016

Vient de paraître : Approaches to the History and Dialectology of Arabic in Honor of Pierre Larcher, Edited by Manuel Sartori, Manuela E. B. Giolfo & Philippe Cassuto, Brill, October 2016, 491 pp.

Chères toutes, chers tous,

Vous trouverez ici l'annonce de la parution des Mélanges parus chez Brill en l'honneur de Pierre Larcher:

This volume includes the reflections of leading researchers on Arabic and Semitic languages, also understood as systems and representations. The work first deals with Biblical Hebrew, Early Aramaic, Afroasiatic and Semitic. Its core focuses on morpho-syntactic, semantic, pragmatic, rhetoric and logic matters, showing Arabic grammar’s place within the system of the sciences of language. In the second part, authors deal with lexical issues, before they explore dialectology. The last stop is a reflection on how Arabic linguistics may prevent the understanding of the Arabs’ own grammatical theory and the teaching and learning of Arabic.

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Marie Varin,
Vice-présidente de l'AFDA.